10 Flightless Birds That Still Exist

When talking about birds, what come into many people’s minds are beautiful flying creatures. Birds indeed can fly anywhere across countries and continents without any barrier. While that is a fact, there are some flightless birds that that can’t fly. They lost their ability to fly as a result of thousands of years of evolution.

Some of the flightless birds can be easily around us and in the zoos, while others rare, geo-specific and can only be found in specific regions. Flightless birds come in all sizes and shapes; there are giant kings and popularly known species such as ostrich, then there are little known small ones such as Kiwi. Below are the top ten flightless birds that we thought you should about.



Penguins are probably the most popular flightless birds in the world. There are 17 species of penguins and all of them lack the ability to fly. Unlike most flying birds, penguin’s wings are short and stout. The wings are instead used to flap through the water while swimming.

Penguins are exclusively found in the Southern hemisphere with the Antarctica hosting 8 of the 17 species. The largest penguin species in the world is the emperor penguin. It weighs up to 35 kg and stands nearly 4 feet tall. These birds are actually very romantic; they are monogamous and mate with the same partner each season.




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