10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat When Pregnant

While most pregnant women know not to expose themselves to cigarette smoke or toxic fumes during pregnancy, not many consider the effects food has on the development of the fetus. We’re here to tell you that a pregnant women’s diet not only influences an unborn baby’s development but it can also cause health issues or even miscarriages in some isolated cases.

Although you shouldn’t fear losing the baby just because of your cravings, you should definitely avoid certain dishes more than others. Over the next few minutes, we will explore the ten foods you should never eat when pregnant so as to find out how to best protect yourself and the baby at all times.



The reason why swordfish shouldn’t be consumed during pregnancy is because of the high levels of mercury swordfish meat contains. As you may or may not know, mercury can cause serious damage to the fetus’ nervous system, which may lead to further complications or even death.

If possible, try your best to replace swordfish meat with canned tuna, salmon, shrimp, or cod meat, which should taste roughly the same.





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