10 Signs That Prove Aliens Exist


Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you have to admit that the possibility of us being alone in the universe is ludicrous. Given our limited technology, there is simply no way for us to know for sure if we are indeed the only sentient beings in existence. In fact, let us go a step further. Let’s presume for a moment that intelligent lifeforms do indeed exist beyond our visual specter.

What reason would they have to contact us, presuming that they haven’t already, especially given how nasty we humans have been throughout the ages not only with the species we sometimes hunted out of extinction or even with ourselves? Having said that, here are ten signs that prove aliens exist and that they’ve been contacting us for ages.

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10Sightings by Military Aircraft

Almost every air force on the face of the planet has had UFO encounters at some point, be them man-made or foreign. Trying to save face and to maintain an appearance of competence, they will often claim that the objects they intercept are nothing more than other aircraft, even when these flying objects appear to go off the radar or to disappear before the very eyes of the confused aircraft pilots that spot them.

These reports can be found in newspaper clippings from all over the world, accompanied at times by actual interviews of military personnel who swear that what they saw wasn’t entirely human.




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