20 Pretty Flowers You Didn’t Know About


People generally love flowers and understandably so given how beautiful most of them are. Regardless of whether you’re a botanist, a horticulturist, or a flower enthusiast of sorts, the sheer sight of a flower is enough to raise certain feelings inside you as long as you’re a well-adjusted individual. To some extent, human beings have actually been conditioned to enjoy the sight of blooming flowers over thousands of years of watching over the harvest, which is what many scientists nowadays believe.

Science aside, there is something special about the sight of a blooming flower, especially if it’s where flowers shouldn’t be blooming to begin with. Having said that, here are 20 pretty flowers you didn’t know about, flowers that are neither common nor widespread.

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20Sea Poison Tree

Usually found on sandy and rocky shores, Sea Poison Trees boast beautiful puff balls of white stamens with pink tips. Although not common, these exquisite flowers can only be found in remote areas and they’re usually unable to bloom properly due to not all the conditions being met. If you do, however, have the chance to witness a Sea Poison Tree’s flowers blooming, then you will definitely be in for a treat.




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