Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

Our world is such a wonderful place to live in, though each region may have different weather patterns. If one lives near the equator, he or she can expect a tropical climate that’s marked by long periods of sunshine with a few rainfall occurrences. If you live near the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, you can look forward to 4 varying weather every 3 months.

Areas that are above and below the pole regions can only look forward to low, cold temperatures, so what are the coldest places on earth?

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10Roger’s Pass, Montana, USA

Roger’s Pass is located in Montana, just beside the Helena National Forest. You can get to it by following the Montana Highway 200. This pass is currently the best road to take if you’re going to either Missoula or the Great Falls city. It rises up to about 1,710 meters, or 5,610 feet above sea level. Roger’s Pass is known for having the coldest temperature outside Alaska and in the United States. The lowest point in temperature was recorded at an astonishingly minus 57 degrees Celsius, or minus 70 degrees Fahrentheit in 1954.




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