Top 10 Most Famous Trios Ever


People have always enjoyed trios throughout history, even more so than solo acts. In fact, some of the most famous artists of all times were part of trios at some point or another. You could probably name a few trios off the top of your head right now if you wanted to, clear proof of how well-received trios are by people everywhere.

For some reason, people like it when entertainers work in groups of three, especially if those groups are as talented as the ones we will talk about over the next few minutes. This being said, let us find out what were the ten most famous trios of all times.

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10Kirk, Spock, and McCoy

Although many of you might be too young to remember this dynamic trio from the Star Trek universe, it might just be one of the most famous trios in history. What makes this particular trio stand out is how well they work together both on and off screen. In fact, the strong friendship between these three is what carried the show in times when the writing may have been lacking every once in a while.




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