Top 10 People With The Highest IQ Ever Recorded


There is always an argument to be made when talking about intelligence on whether a person inherits their intelligence or if they acquire it by learning as much as possible about the world around them. The nature versus nurture argument isn’t new as it has been overly debated in academic circles for ages, although a compromise has yet to be reached. At this point in time, the best way to quantify a person’s intelligence to some extent is to subject them to an IQ test.

These tests are designed to establish the intelligence quotient of a person based on a specific set of qualifications and to this day, it is the most effective way to find out just how quick a person’s brain is when it comes to problem-solving and recognizing patterns. Over the next few minutes, we’ll remind ourselves of the people who throughout the years, have scored the highest ever recorded scores when solving IQ tests.


10Stephen Hawking – IQ 160

It would only be fair to start off with one of the most renowned theoretical physicists who have ever lived. Professor Hawking is not only the author of ‘A Brief History of Time’, which is one of the most critically acclaimed works regarding the Big Bang Theory, but also one of the most respected physicists in the world today. It therefore comes at no surprise that he is viewed as a symbol of clear thinking and intelligence by millions of people from all over the world.




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