Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in the World

Chocolate is a sweet that nobody can get enough off. Whether it’s eating a crunchy chocolate bar, a delicious confection, or drinking a hot mug of chocolate during winter, there are a million ways to enjoy this gift from the Gods. But perhaps the sweetest thing about chocolate isn’t the cocoa itself, but rather its nutritional value, mood-enhancing capabilities, and its romantic potential as a gift between lovers.

Chocolate has become so popular today that is easy to find it in a wide variety of flavors and presentations. Different brands offer their own version of the classical cream, milk, and cocoa recipe that makes this sweet so popular.

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10Kit Kat

Since its foundation in 1935, Kit Kat has remained one of the most recognized brands in the world. So much in fact that a 2014 Time Magazine article named its chocolate bar as the most influential of all time. Kit Kat was the first brand to market itself as a chocolate bar that could be shared among friends.

The ease with which its bar’s fingers can be split into even pieces transformed the way people consumed chocolate and helped turned it into a social snack. But perhaps more important for its modern fans is its delicious soft chocolate filling and the huge variety of presentations and flavors offered, which includes hot chocolate, wafers, and mixed flavors like caramel, honey, or fruits.




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