Top 10 Most Popular Nose Piercing Types


Nose piercings are very popular nowadays and it’s easy to see why considering how classy some of them can be. While it used to be that only a certain type of people would get their noses pierced, these type of piercings are quickly becoming popular among white-collar individuals as well. Now, we could talk about the benefits and disadvantages of getting a nose piercing, but we would rather not. Instead, let us find out what are the ten most popular nose piercing types in the world today.

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10Nasallang Piercing

This tri-nasal piercing penetrates both nostrils and the septum in a straight fashion, which makes it quite an intense piercing to get. The piercing process for a nasallang piercing involves a single needle and a straight barbell which resembles the industrial cartilage piercings people get through their ears. As you might imagine, this type of piercing should only be done by an experienced professional for obvious reasons.




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