Top 10 Weird Mormon Beliefs


Say what you want about Mormons, at least they have their dogmas in order and they’re among the most peaceful people in existence. A lot has been said about Mormons and Mormonism over the years, be it accurately or in jest because of how peculiar their religion is considered to be.

To be more exact, you often hear some pretty outlandish things about Mormons, which should have prompted some of you to pay extra attention to what is being said whenever the subject comes up. To avoid appearing ignorant, let us find out what strange things Mormons believe and why do they think that way in the first place. So without further ado, here are the ten weirdest beliefs that Mormons have.

Mary wasn’t a virgin

virgin mary mormons

According to the Mormon doctrine, the virgin Mary wasn’t exactly a virgin. Although Christians would beg to differ, it is generally believed by the Mormons that Mary, the mother of Christ, wasn’t exactly a virgin by the time the Holy Spirit impregnated her. With that said, let us point out that Mormons don’t really have a problem with the sanctity of Mary as a divine character, they just question her promiscuity.

They see God as an actual person

mormon god person

Another interesting thing Mormons believe is that God almighty actually has a human form. In fact, they believe that all saints have a human form, just like Jesus did. For this reason, they believe that any messenger sent by God should be able to greet people in a human form so as to solidify the power of his message. Mind you, this is actually explained at lengths in the Book of Mormon.

God resides on another planet

mormon god planet

Mormons believe that the Christian God isn’t a spiritual being by form but rather by spirit. As for his physical form, they believe that God actually lives on a different planet and that he pulls the strings of this world from way over there. They even have an idea of where this planet might be. According to them, God lives on a planet near the Kolob star, although they make no mention of where exactly it is situated.

Black people weren’t allowed to be priests in the old days

black people mormon priest

Not many Mormons like to talk about this but there were times when minorities weren’t allowed in the church as priests. Although they always allowed people of all creeds to worship God according to the Mormon dogma, it was only white people who were allowed to be Mormon priests up until 1978. That year, church president Spencer W. Kimball apparently had a revelation that lead him to issue a change in policy.

Dinosaur bones exist as a test of faith

dinosaur bones mormon

According to Mormons, dinosaur bones were put on Earth to test people’s faith in God. They believe that whoever allows themselves to be tricked by the dinosaur conundrum has already strayed away from God’s light. Furthermore, they believe that these bones were made from the recycled organic matter of other worlds that have since been destroyed. Although some Mormons will usually change their opinion when exposed to higher forms of education, many Mormons still believe these things to this day.

There isn’t just one heaven

mormon heaven

A majority of all Christians believe that they’ll go to heaven when they die, if they’ve lived a good life that is. With Mormons, the general idea is that there are more than just one heaven or at least a segmented one with three kingdoms. The Celestial Kingdom, where God lives, is populated by saints and angels. The Terrestrial Kingdom is the part of heaven that holds the souls of the Christians. Lastly, the Telestial Kingdom is the one where all the people who haven’t received the gospel of Christ go when they die.

The world wasn’t created by God

mormon god

Another controversial belief that Mormons have is the one according to which our world was NOT created by the almighty. They believe that God stumbled upon our Universe and that he arranged all the matter in it according to a specific design. In this respect, he didn’t exactly create the Universe out of nothing but practically reorganized it in the way we see it nowadays. If you will, he is credited with putting things in order above everything else.

Missouri houses the Garden of Eden

missouri mormon heaven

As strange as it may sound, Mormons believe that the Garden of Eden can be found in Missouri. To be more precise, they believe that present-day Missouri is the place where the Garden of Eden used to be before man strayed away from God. Interestingly enough, Missouri is also the place where many Mormon end time prophecies are supposed to happen, which is also the place where they believe the second coming of Jesus will occur.

Satan controls water

satan water mormon

According to Mormons, it is Satan who controls the water of all the lakes, rivers, and oceans on our planet, not God. They also believe that upon entering a large body of water, you are basically setting foot into Satan’s realm, a place where God cannot protect you anymore. For this reason, highly religious Mormons spend their whole lives away from pools, lakes, and rivers, which may explain why Mormons are such bad swimmers.

Black people are cursed

black people are cursed

Perhaps the most controversial belief the Mormons hold is that according to which all people of African descent are cursed. The reason behind this being that most black people are perceived by Mormons to be the descendants of Cain, who was cursed to live his life with a dark skin.

What’s even more interesting is that some Mormons believe that upon converting to Mormonism, black people’s skin will gradually get whiter over time. And if this wasn’t strange enough, they also believe that all black Christians will become white people upon passing the Pearly Gates and that they will spend eternity in Heaven with a white skin.





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