Top 10 Weird Mormon Beliefs

Say what you want about Mormons, at least they have their dogmas in order and they’re among the most peaceful people in existence. A lot has been said about Mormons and Mormonism over the years, be it accurately or in jest because of how peculiar their religion is considered to be.

To be more exact, you often hear some pretty outlandish things about Mormons, which should have prompted some of you to pay extra attention to what is being said whenever the subject comes up. To avoid appearing ignorant, let us find out what strange things Mormons believe and why do they think that way in the first place. So without further ado, here are the ten weirdest beliefs that Mormons have.


10Mary wasn’t a virgin

According to the Mormon doctrine, the virgin Mary wasn’t exactly a virgin. Although Christians would beg to differ, it is generally believed by the Mormons that Mary, the mother of Christ, wasn’t exactly a virgin by the time the Holy Spirit impregnated her. With that said, let us point out that Mormons don’t really have a problem with the sanctity of Mary as a divine character, they just question her promiscuity.




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