Top 10 World’s Most Famous Serial Killers

Many people find serial killers fascinating because normal, well-adjusted individuals simply cannot comprehend what would drive a human being to act the way most serial killers do. While many people would commit a crime of passion or revenge in the spur of the moment, premeditating the death of one or multiple individuals seems absolutely psychotic to some extent, which is why serial killers stand out as such complete monsters. For educational purposes, let us remind ourselves what are the 10 most famous serial killers in history and just how sick these individuals were.


10Peter Sutcliffe

British serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, aka ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’, was convicted of murdering no less than 13 women and attempting to murder at least seven others before being apprehended. The reason why Peter was able to be active for almost two decades before finally getting caught is because he mainly targeted prostitutes who didn’t have any close ones to report them missing.




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