Top 15 Funniest Female Comedians in the World

Although humor may be subjective to some extent, there is no denying that some people are definitely funnier than others. When it comes to female comedians, some are definitely more talented than others, especially in an industry where men are a dominant force.

They are also much better paid than their women counterparts, sometimes undeservedly so. Without going too much into the politics of the matter, let us find out what are the fifteen funniest female comedians in the world right now.

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15Tig Notaro

The reason why many people consider Tig Notaro to be one of the funniest women in the world is because of how versatile she is when it comes to combining different comedy styles and keeping her material fresh at all times. She is also known for touching on even the most sensitive matters without being too mean or unfair like some other comedians have come to do for the shock value alone.


14Ellie Kemper

Known to many of you for her appearances in The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Ellie’s career actually started much earlier. Before making it big, you see, Ellie used to be a comedy writer for a variety of shows, although it was her acting that got her international recognition as one of the funniest women alive.


13Iliza Shlesinger

Although she owes much of her earlier fame to her dashing good looks, Iliza’s success over the years established her as one of the funniest stand-up comedians out there. While many female comedians stay away from stand-up comedy, Iliza always manages to be in her element on stage, almost to the point that she actually prefers it to appearing in films or TV shows.


12Whitney Cummings

Whitney is yet another female comedian who did her fair share of stand-up before trying her hand at television work. She is not only the creator and star of ‘Whitney’ but also the co-creator of the popular sitcom ‘2 Broke Girls’. On top of all this, she still finds the time to work on her stand-up, putting out quite a few specials over the years.


11Miranda Hart

Even though she is probably less known in the US, Miranda has been a major hit across the pond in the UK where her TV show ‘Miranda’ is seen as one of the funniest on television. Like many other comedians, she also did stand-up for a while and enjoyed quite a popularity. What’s more, she recently started appearing in big-screen productions as well, including a live-action Disney production.


10Kathy Griffin

Perhaps best known to younger audiences for her ‘My Life on the D-List’ material, Kathy has a rich history of working on television and in some occasions, even getting banned from it. It is her court humor that brought her the popularity she enjoys, a brand of humor that may be seen by some as an acquired taste. Whether you like Kathy’s style or not, you have to agree that she is one of the most talented female comedians out there.


9Margaret Cho

It is expected from comedians to be borderline offensive at times, mainly because this is the nature of the business. Even with those expectations, however, you have to agree that Margaret Cho’s brand of humor has to potential to upset sensitive audiences, which it does constantly. What makes her unique is the way she delves into self-deprecating humor with no reservations, a style of comedy that earns her a spot among the very best.


8Sarah Millican

Sarah has become one of the most successful female comedians in the business and a quick look at her material shows us why. While some female comedians focus on the challenges of being a woman and what women go through on a daily basis, Sarah prefers to focus instead on the many issues she faces on a daily basis in a way that emphasizes her shortcomings.


7Chelsea Handler

Chelsea has made a career out of making jokes at the expense of A-list celebrities, a style of comedy that many celebrities may not be too fond of. She also published no less than four New York Times bestsellers over the years, which isn’t easy to do when you’re as busy as she is. Furthermore, her talk show ‘Chelsea Lately’ has made Chelsea more popular than ever as of lately, a popularity she owes in part to her reputation.


6Anna Chlumsky

Following her recent success in ‘Veep’, Anna proved anyone who even remotely doubted her comedic talent that she has what it takes to be one of comedy’s greatest. Although not a stand-up comedian like many of the women on our list, Anna’s TV roles have always allowed her to express her unique style, none more than the role of Amy Brookheimer for which she was nominated for several Emmy awards.


5Kristen Schaal

From Bob’s Burgers to BoJack Horseman, Kristen seems to enjoys quite the popularity nowadays and rightfully so. Her unique style of comedy revolves around the way she delivers her witty lines and how incredibly quick she is when it comes to improvising on the go. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the Last Man on Earth, a show in which you can witness Kristen give life to a truly unique character.


4Amy Poehler

There is no denying that Amy Poehler is one of the most talented comedians in the business, not only among female comedians. Amy made a name for herself as part of the SNL crew, which allowed her to focus on several other projects that have earned her widespread popularity. Speaking of which, Amy is best known for her appearance on Parks and Recreation but also for her appearance in ‘Sisters’ and ‘The House’.


3Ellen Degeneres

There shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that Ellen Degeneres is one of the most talented female comedians of all times. After all, she not only put out nothing but successful stand-up routines but she also transitioned perfectly into a talk show host role that made her even more popular worldwide. What’s interesting about Ellen is that she always had a neutral style of comedy that never really relied on insults or edgy jokes.


2Sarah Silverman

If we were to choose a word to describe Sarah Silverman that word would be ‘controversial’. In fact, it could also be used to describe her entire career, a career path that once saw her getting fired from Saturday Night Live. Her routines have always been controversial, almost to the point that it’s surprising that she has been able to find work. Given her natural talent of making light of even the worst situations in a comedic fashion, Sarah is rightfully seen as one of the wittiest female comedians of all time.


1Amy Schumer

Even though her last special wasn’t all that great judging by the reviews, Amy remains one of the most talented female comedians in the world right now. What makes Amy stand out is how vulgar and rude her routines are, and yet how on point and factual her jokes can be.

With Amy, you can never be sure of whether she’ll touch on a sensitive subject with grace or vulgarity, although you can definitely expect her to be funny about it. Whether you like her or not, you simply cannot deny the fact that she is among the greatest female comedians in the world at this point in time and understandably so.




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