Top 20 Most Inspirational People Who Ever Lived


So much of history has been written by conquerors, emperors, and kings, that we should find it quite difficult to settle on just a few. Whether it was through conquest, creativity, leadership, or pure luck, some people stood out throughout the ages as being highly influential not only in their time but by leaving their footprint on how the course of history would be shaped over time.

While we may not all agree that these people are worthy of the high praise they receive, we can all agree that they hold a privileged position in the annals of history and that we would all do well to remember their exploits. So without further ado, here are the 20 most inspirational people who ever lived and who for better or worst, shaped the way our world looks like today.


We all know how much of an influence the ancient Egyptians had on the world and who better to praise than one of the leading scientists at the time? By most historical accounts, Imhotep was a highly intelligent polymath that excelled in fields like engineering, architecture, and in setting up one of the few educational centers in the ancient world.

He is credited with designing the Pyramid of Djoser which is one of the very first pyramids the Egyptians built. He also left a mark on the general architectural understanding of many contemporary builders, shaping in many ways the form that many Egyptian structures will take long after his death.



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